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Sugar Skulls & Marigolds are a high-energy instrumental stoner atmospheric metal band from Denver Colorado. Brothers Danny and Andrew Aranow write complex, colorful, heavy songs with face melting catchy guitar riffs and crushing drums. 

As a two-piece, we try and push as much sound live as we possibly can, says guitarist Danny Aranow. I use a ton of effects, 2 guitar amps and a bass amp. Andrew (drums) writes the most intense drumbeats that is just as much fun to watch as to listen. 

In 2015, “The Coked Out Bunnies EP” was released on cassette tape and toured the NW. 

2016 the band signed with Sailor Records with the release of "Blood Moon" on 7" vinyl

This band is about creating intricate and interesting music, while beating their instruments like banshees. The raw energy of the live set is captivating and the sound is MASSIVE!

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