Greenbeard (Austin, Tx) sign with Denver's Sailor Records

Austin desert rockers, Greenbeard sign with Denver's Sailor Records and release "Stoned at the Throne" on vinyl! (Denver, CO) Oct 30, 2015. Denver based record label, Sailor Records has added Greenbeard to their quickly expanding roster. Greenbeard is a desert rock trio from Austin, TX created in the spring of 2014. Greenbeard’s sound is a sonic conjuring of early British heavy metal, psychedelia, desert guitar riffs, & stoner rock. In one year, the band has seen major tours, supported big bands like Dead Meadow,Pentagram, Red Fang, The Shrine, and Spirit Caravan. Greenbeard has also been official artists at Austin's 2015 SXSW, Denver's 2015 UMS, and played in 2015 Denver Psychfest; Synes

New Label Profile: Sailor Records

Oscar Ross interview From a pure geographic perspective, Sailor Records has the Denver, CO market cornered. The scene’s best known bands include former Metal Blade power metallers Cellador, Rocky Mountain “hydrogrind” proprietors Cephalic Carnage, and grinders In the Company of Serpents. Yet very gradually, Sailor label head Oscar Ross is building a very Denver-centric roster with its own charm. Ross founded Sailor Records in July of 2011, primarily as a tax write-off (according to him). From there, he built a studio in his own basement, gathering up amps, guitars, mics, and anything else, all with the idea of producing albums on his own. “The label sputtered along for the first couple of ye

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