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When you hear an act being referred to as a "musician's band," it usually means the band in question has incredible technical skill but not a lot in the way of emotional resonance when it comes to songwriting — especially if the outfit is instrumental. Altas bucks that trend in every way imaginable. The band's music, which speaks for itself, has evolved over the past several years. Altas has written some of the most interesting and evocative rock music to come out of Denver, partly because it knows how to speak directly and powerfully to the heart without having to spell everything out with words.



All Music Written & Performed by Altas.
Produced by Nick Sullivan & Enrique Jimenez. 
Israel Jimenez on Drums & Piano.
Juan Carlos Flores on Guitar & Synthesizers. 
Enrique Jimenez on Guitar & Effects. 
Enoc Torraca on Bass Guitar. 
Meaghan Lillis On Piano For "Black Sand". 
Recorded & Mixed by Nick Sullivan At Sailor Records Studios & Consonance Productions in Denver, Colorado, USA.
Mastered by Joe Lambert At Joe Lambert Mastering in Brooklyn, New York, USA. 
Artwork by Enrique Jimenez.

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